Ultimate Fishing Charters specializes in providing exotic fishing packages for its elite clientele. We are the only company currently offering such high-end and exclusive packages focused on fishing and diving. Our first hand experience booking these types of fishing trips for our clients combines the best aspects from yacht charter companies, villa rental companies and fishing & diving companies. There are a lot of logistics involved with these types of trips but when they are executed perfectly these trips become epic, once in a lifetime, adventures! Ultimate Fishing Charters provides a master diver and fishing expert on these types of trips to ensure the best possible experience and itinerary. The combination of our expert crew combined with the knowledge of the local guides creates the ultimate team.

The Ultimate Fishing Charters team has fished, dived and spearfished around the world multiple times with Forbes billionaires, celebrities and executives. The knowledge and experience we have regarding the exotic locations is what truly makes our company unique. We don’t just take our guests to well known tourist destinations. Instead we go to the best, local and off the beaten path fishing and diving spots otherwise known as hidden gems. These are the type of spots that blow our clients’ minds.

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Some of our favorite exotic fishing packages include chartering luxurious yachts and having a luxury sportfish shadowing the yacht. This type of exotic fishing package allows up to 12 guests to enjoy all the comforts of a yacht charter while giving them access to the best fishing and diving spots via the sportfishing boat. Many of the yachts we use for this type of charter have helicopter capabilities allowing guests to fly in and out from the yacht to experience everything the exotic location has to offer and increases the accessibility to the boats. Some other very cool experiences we can offer on this type of exotic package is rendezvousing with submarines to explore the ocean floor, flying guests on a helicopter for lunch on a glacier or cage diving with great white sharks.

Another great option is renting a private island or villa and having a fleet of fishing and dive vessels docked or anchored on the premises. We have access to the most luxurious villas and islands in some of the best fishing and diving locations. This will act as a base and each day you will set out for your fishing and diving experience.

After discussing the desired trip with our client we will customize it to meet their exact needs. Our exotic packages typically range in length from 5 days to 2 weeks. Each day is filled with a full day of fishing, diving, and spearfishing. After a gourmet breakfast any of the guests that would like to participate in the fishing or diving adventure will head out on the fishing vessel for an action packed day. Guests can choose to rendezvous back at the yacht or villa for lunch or we can have a lunch spread prepared on the fishing boat. After an amazing day out on the water the chef can prepare your fresh catch sushi style before dinner or enjoy as a main course. If you have the opportunity to plan one of these amazing trips with us we will show you aspects of the ocean and world that you wouldn’t believe existed!