Ultimate Fishing Charters provides clients access to the highest quality fishing charters world- wide.  Whether you are looking to fish the flats in the Bahamas, bottom fish in the Gulf of Mexico, check a sailfish off your bucket in Miami or catch a black marlin off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, we’ve got you covered!  Our clients include avid fishermen, families, first timers, corporate groups, VIP’s and celebrities.  We have fishing charters and packages to fit all of our clients’ individual needs.  There are thousands of fishing charters worldwide but very few people know the difference between each charter boat, crew, captain, tackle, gear and service.  Our experience in the fishing charter industry provides our clients with this knowledge making for the best fishing experience possible.

At Ultimate Fishing Charters we only book the top 1% of all fishing charters available.  Unlike some other websites and companies, Ultimate Fishing Charters is not a directory that lists every charter available.  As you browse through our charter options in each location you will often find we have a limited number of options, because only these boats have met our high standards.  We hold the boat, captain and crew accountable on every single one of our fishing charters helping guarantee a successful fishing trip.

Ultimate Fishing Charters originally specialized in day charters.  Satisfied customers soon began to request higher-end multiple day charters in more exotic locations. Currently we offer the most exclusive fishing & diving packages available around the world.



Steven Seigel has been booking the ultimate fishing charters for clients since 2007, initially booking Miami fishing charters.  Since then he has gained a reputation as the “Go To Guy” in the fishing charter industry when it comes to fishing charter recommendations, difficult requests, and VIP clients.  His passion for fishing and customer service motivates him to continually keep Ultimate Fishing Charters on a level above the competition.

When I started booking fishing charters back in 2007 I had no idea how many people were struggling with selecting the right fishing charter that met their needs.  I truly believe at Ultimate Fishing Charters we offer the best fishing charters available.  Seven years and thousands of fishing charters later I still get the same amount of pleasure from the success stories of my clients.


Bill Uhler heads up the VIP & Luxury Division of Ultimate Fishing Charters.  Bill has worked with Forbes billionaires, A-list sports and entertainment stars, planning and coordinating their next fishing, yachting and diving adventure around the world.  Bill’s elite access to private sport fishing yachts, islands, villas, big boy toys combined with his extensive knowledge of fishing allows him to provide experiences to guests that can’t be found anywhere else.

I have had a passion and love for fishing since I was 5 years old. I have been very fortunate in my life to have organized, managed, and guided hundreds of trips around the world. I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you. I have the contacts to know where the best fishing is around the world. Some of my favorite spots include The Barrier Reef for Grander Black Marlin, Nova Scotia for Grander Bluefin Tuna, Panama for Sailfish, Mexico both coasts for all Pelagics. I lived in Maui for 6 years, Cabo San Lucas 30 years, and Panama 2 years. I look forward to sharing great fishing and hearing the words Fish On!!!