Before Booking

How do I set up a charter?

You may book your charter by phone, email or contact form. Call us at: 1-800-995-6560. Email us at: INFO@ULTIMATEFISHINGCHARTERS.COM Use one of the contact forms found throughout the website or our contact page.

What is the deposit policy?

Deposits are generally required when booking a charter but will vary depending on the type of charter you select. Customers are encouraged to review the deposit policy prior to booking. Please see our cancellation policy page for more details about deposits.

What payment methods are available when booking a fishing charter?

We accept credit cards, cashiers checks and money wires as payment.

Are the prices listed per person or per boat?

We only offer private charters. The price listed on our website is for the whole boat not per person.

What is the cancellation policy?

Each Charter’s cancellation policy is unique and should be reviewed by customers prior to booking. Please see our cancellation policy page for details. 

What is the best length for our fishing charter?

Out of South Florida, we typically offer three different trips which include half day (4 hours), three-quarter day (6 hours) and full day (8 hours). We pick up plenty of fish on every charter, but we typically recommend the shorter hours for entry-level anglers and 6/8 hours for more experienced anglers. We also have custom trips and night charters that vary in length depending on the type of charter desired by the client.

How many passengers are allowed and who can go?

Flats boat ideally seat 2 passengers. On a center console boat, we recommend up to 4 passengers. Sport fishing boats are typically limited to up to 6 passengers due to coast guard regulations, but there are some exceptions for specific boats and fishing yachts. Please inquire for large parties. All of our charters are kid friendly and happy to cater to bachelor parties, team building, corporate, fishing tournaments, birthdays and wedding parties.

After Booking

Do charter boats cancel because of rain?

Most fishing charters go out rain or shine. Captains will contact the guests prior to the fishing charters if the weather is questionable.

Can I bring a backpack?

Guests are allowed to bring a backpack onboard and they can store them in a dry and secure area of the boat.

What is the bathroom situation?

The majority of our boats have clean and operational bathrooms onboard. Some of our smaller center consoles and flats boats do not.

How to stretch and prepare for the workout on a charter?

We recommend customers stretch their entire body prior to the charter so they don’t inure themselves reeling in a fish.

What to eat the night before or day of?

Try to avoid any foods that could upset your stomach and drinking too much alcohol the night before and the day of the charter.

What do we need to bring?

Guests should bring any food and drink they would like for their charter unless the charter specifically states that catering is included. We also recommend bringing sunblock, hats, sunglasses and comfortable layers for changing weather conditions.

What is the customary gratuity for a fishing charter?

Customary gratuity for a hardworking crew is 15-20%.


Some boats guarantee fish, do you?

We do not guarantee fish but we will do everything within our power to make sure you leave the charter happy!

What about safety equipment and your qualifications?

All of our fishing boats are up to date with the latest Coast Guard requirements and safety equipment.

What is the best way to avoid seasickness?

Avoid arriving at the boat hungover. If you have a tendency to get seasick please look into different seasickness medications or devised prior to the fishing charter

How do we get live bait?

The captain will discuss whether they need to catch or purchase live bait prior to your charter.

Do I need to provide my own fishing equipment?

All top of the line, tournament grade fishing gear is provided.

Are boats easy to get on and off?

Our boats are easy to get on and off. If you require special arrangements please notify us ahead of time and we will be happy to help.

What experience level is necessary?

No experience is needed. Our captains and crews will assist in every aspect of the fishing process.

What if I want a mount or photo of my fish?

Your captain and crew will happily assist clients looking to mount a fish or take pictures.

Will you clean the fish for me?

Upon returning back to the dock the crew will happily filet and clean your catch for you to take to a restaurant or to cook yourself.

Can we keep the fish we catch?

On almost all of our fishing charters, guests can keep any fish that is legal and edible. There are certain species of fish our captains must release per fish conservation laws and guidelines.

What types of fish can I catch on my charter?

The type of fish caught on each charter varies with the fishing season, location, and type of charter. Some of the most common fish caught on our offshore deep sea fishing charters include: marlin, tuna, wahoo, mahi, snapper, grouper, sharks, sailfish, swordfish, cobia, permit and jacks. Inshore fishing charters typical catches include tarpon, snook, sea bass, bass, bonefish and redfish.


What is prohibited on a fishing charter?

Illegal drugs, contraband or GPS/Loran type devices.

Is alcohol allowed on board?

Alcohol and beer are allowed on board for clients over the age of 21.

Do I need a fishing license?

All of our charter boats have a blanket fishing license that covers all of the guests.

Is smoking allowed on a fishing charter?

Please ask your captain if smoking is allowed on the boat.