About Fishing Charters in the Florida Keys

There’s no place on earth quite like this. This fishing destination is beloved and visited by anglers all year long who come for the amazing weather, gorgeous ocean views and the unbeatable fishing! We connect you to all of it by matching you with the best fishing charters in the Florida Keys.

In addition to taking you to the area’s best sportfishing spots, our charters can transport you and your guests on sightseeing tours, and to diving destinations. There’s so much to do in the keys!

Florida Key Fishing Seasons

The Florida Keys is a large ocean ecosystem that many types of fish pass through all year round. The islands are filled with unforgettable communities that make for a perfect place to relax when you’re not out at sea. We can plan fishing charters from every major destination in the Keys during all seasons.

Great Destinations in the Florida Keys


Dry Tortugas Fishing Charters

The Dry Tortugas are best enjoyed on multi-day trips where you can take the time to visit all the gorgeous sights and nearly untouched fishing spots. Snappers and Groupers can be particularly bountiful here, and our charters can help you understand the best possible time of year for the experience you really want.

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Key Largo Fishing Charters

This is one of the biggest destinations in the Florida Keys and it’s the place to go to enjoy both world-class fishing and an amazing nightlife. Enjoy setting out from one of the many resort locations around Key Largo piloted by experienced captains who know how to find the best spots hidden around this popular destination.

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Key West Fishing Charters

Though Key West is a small island, it sits on the nexus of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico, where the warm waters create some of the most abundant and diverse fishing in the world. Appropriately, people come from all over the world to take advantage of the fishing all year round.

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Islamorada Fishing Charters

The Isla Morada (“purple Island”) is another beloved destination in the Florida Keys. The island is very close to the everglades, so both deep sea and inland fishing are available for ready anglers. It’s a great tourist destination all year round, with activities for everyone in easy range.

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Bud N’ Mary’s

This marina is famous among those who like to go fishing in the Keys. This marina on Islamorada is the perfect launching point for all kinds of fishing trips. Fish can be caught all year round, and the selection in this area includes some of the most exciting sportfish such as marlin and swordfish.

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Bahia Honda

This is one of the best launching points for deep sea fishing in the Keys. Private charters set off all year round to fish the massive migratory channel known as “The wall”. When you’re not out fishing, the beaches here are some of the finest in the world, and the island includes a 500-acre park for exploration.

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Other Fun Locations in the Florida Keys

We can find captains for nearly every location in the Florida Keys, including these ones.

Big Pine Key Fishing Charters

Big Pine Key, a five square mile island located in the “Lower Keys” provides a wide range of fishing options for professional anglers and hobbyists alike. Big Pine is the first large island south of the Seven Mile Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the United States. The remote island is about a three hour drive south on Route 1 from Miami. Like many of the other Florida Keys, Big Pine is situated in a perfect spot for deep sea, offshore, and reef fishing. However, unlike the “upper” and “middle” keys which are long flat islands running latitudinal east to west, Big Pine is situated longitudinal north to south.

The southernmost keys are made of limestone strata, not fossilized coral like the other islands in the Florida Keys. This north-south alignment opens up great fishing opportunities in well protected shallow bays riddled with small mangrove islands. Tarpon, barracuda, bonefish, permit, and sharks gather around these mangrove islands to feed on smaller baitfish.

There is no shortage of charter captains willing to take out tourists and professional anglers alike in this fisherman’s paradise. The position of the island along the Gulf Stream also makes it ideal for sailfish runs in the fall. The amounts and varieties of fish improve as temperatures rise, but there is really no bad time of year along Big Pine Key.

Boca Chica Fishing Charters

Boca Chica Key is a beautiful island paradise with plenty of options for all levels of fisherman. Located in the “Lower Keys”, Boca Chica is just a 15 minute drive northeast of Key West and a 3 and a half hour drive southeast from Miami. Due to a large naval base, there is not a ton of residential or commercial space on the island, although there are a few Boca Chica fishing charters available to take advantage of this spectacular location for anglers.

Like most of the Florida Keys, Boca Chica offers direct access to the warm water deep sea where the Gulf of Mexico meets the Atlantic, which is plentiful with big game fish. The area is known for big barracuda, tuna, marlin, snapper, a wide variety of sharks, and more. Reefs and shipwrecks in this area are a hotbed for baitfish and colorful, beautiful tropical species. To the north, the waters are a bit calmer and shallower, filled with mangrove islands, a perfect breeding ground for redfish, snook, and trout. The area along the Route 1 bridge between adjacent to Rockland and Big Coppitt Key is a favorite of locals. A Boca Chica fishing charter captain with experience in these waters can likely put you right on top of the action.

The weather here is beautiful for fishing year round, although the tropical climate can bring daily heavy rains during hot summer months. Because of the military presence it would be wise to head out to these waters with an experienced charter fisherman who knows which waters to avoid in order to stay out of the way of ongoing naval exercises that take place around the region.

Sugarloaf Key Fishing Charters

Sugarloaf Key is a tiny remote island located in the Lower Keys. It lies about a half hour’s drive east of Key West and a three hour drive south of Miami. The island is less than five square miles in area and sparsely populated, especially in the summer months. However, Sugar Loaf is positioned along the coast of the Caribbean Sea, right along the Gulf Stream, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico.

The tropical waters are right in the middle of game fish migratory patterns like sailfish, sharks, and marlin. Some Sugarloaf Key fishing charters will go into the “backcountry” flats of the Everglades. The Upper Sugarloaf Sound is a hotbed of shallow water areas full of big game fish and mangrove forest islands. Usually these backcountry charters are in small flat-bottomed skiffs or fan boats that can only safely accommodate two or three passengers at a time.

December and January can be prime time for fishing in Sugarloaf Key, along with many of the other lower keys. Warmer days offer an abundance of bonefish, tarpon, and permit. On cooler days, you are most likely to catch sharks, jacks, ladyfish, and seatrout. Snapper tend to move into the shallow backcountry waters at colder times of the year.

Tarpon can be found on the flats in January and as late as November, the warmer the better with peak seasons in the spring and summer months. Ocean charters in the Gulf are a short trip from “The Wall” and deep sea trenches offering a wide range of tuna, barracuda, sea bass, and large sharks, including Great Whites.

Summerland Key Fishing Charters

Summerland Key, a tiny remote island located right in the middle of Florida’s “Lower Keys” offers a remote, relaxed atmosphere for vacationing and fishing. This tiny island is only about one square mile in diameter with most of the northern half consisting of uninhabited “backcountry” flat lands. However, Summerland Key fishing charters are usually available for a wide range of fishing options for professionals and hobbyists alike.

One of the most attractive features of Summerland Key is its remoteness. Many travelers either stop in the “Middle Keys” or continue onto Key West, the most populated island in the Lower Keys. This leaves Summerland Key virtually uninhabited, yet surrounded by some of the richest waters both offshore and in the Gulf and in the backcountry flats. It is not uncommon to be the only boat for miles when leaving on a charter from Summerland Key. This island and its neighbors are often dubbed “The Forgotten Keys”, but not for experienced fisherman.

The area is full of amberjack, barracuda, and large migratory sharks. The ride out offers plenty of time for trolling tuna, cobia, swordfish, grouper, and giant grouper. Dolphin and sharks are abundant offshore of Summerland Key all year round.

There are fishing charters on Summerland Key and guides available that leave from the island, but only a few. You may even be able to charter a boat or guide from nearby larger key islands that will take you to these rich waters.