About Exumas

To the southeast of Nassau lies the beautiful island chain of the Exumas. There are a total of 360 islands in the Exumas. Each of the islands is called a cay. The largest city is George Town with a small population of around 1,000 residents. The Exumas is one of the most popular yachting, fishing and diving destinations in the Carribean. Here they have some of the most beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters. The reefs are abundant and filled with wildlife. A large portion of the cays, reefs, and coves in the Exumas are protected as part of the Exuma National Land and Sea Park of the Bahamas National Trust making it truly an unspoiled paradise.

Charter Boats in the Bahamas:

76′ Viking Sportfish

Many of our Exuma fishing and diving charters start out in Nassau at the Atlantis Marina or Albany Marina. The most effective types of fishing in the Exumas is trolling and deep dropping. Shortly after departure the majority of charters fish the ship channel cay pocket which is the northern most tip of the Exuma Cays. During the summer months there is a large population of mahi, tuna, mackerel, barracuda and marlin. These pelagic fish are caught trolling. When conditions are right our boats can deep drop for larger red snapper and grouper. These fish hang out in deep water at the bottom of the ocean.

Our Exuma fishing charters are multi-day overnight trips. Guest have the option of sleeping on board the boat or yacht or they can choose to sleep at resorts throughout the Exumas. Sleeping onboard the boat allows the guests to spend time in more remote cays and coves since they do not need to be at a Marina. Below is a sample itinerary for an Exuma fishing charter on one of our luxury sport fishing boats. Some of our clients prefer to charter large yachts and have a sportfish shadow the yacht for use during the day. We typically do 3 day minimum trips up to 2 weeks.


AM: Guest arrive Atlantis Marina or Albany Marina, Depart for Ship channel cay Exumas. Fish the ship channel cay pocket (northern most tip of the exuma cays)

Lunch onboard: ( will anchor for cooked lunch)

Spend night at highbourne cay.


After breakfast;

Fish highbourne cay to Wax cay

PM: Run to Compass Cay to spend the night


Optional sightseeing (Pigs, iguanas, james bond caves, snorkelling)

Fishing around compass cay area, spend the night compass cay, staniel cay or optional anchor out big majors spot.


After breakfast; We will fish, till departure time depending on travel schedule. Approx 2.5hrs run back to Nassau.”

Some other highlights that our charters can visit are Thunder Ball Grotto and Sandy Cay. All of our Exuma multi-day charters are totally customizable. We can also begin our end our charters in Staniel Cay and George since they have airports.