About St Tropez

St. Tropez is a beautiful fishing city along the southern Mediterranean Coast of France. It is a cultural hotbed for artists, fashion designers, and celebrities alike. What used to be a small village primarily focused on fishing, St. Tropez exploded after World War II with the influx of artists and rich tourists. It is situated along the Cote’ de Azure’(Blue Coast) of the French Riviera. On a tiny peninsula about two hours’ drive from Nice, St. Tropez is still a major tourism hub, but offers the small-town feel of old-world France. In 1962, fashion designer Rudi Gernreich debuted he “monokini”, a pretext to the “sexual revolution” of the 60’s. St. Tropez is known for its nude and topless sunbathers as well.

The fish market in St. Tropez opens at dawn and is bustling with tourists and restaurant owners taking their pick of the day’s best catch. Fish mongers have plenty to choose from in St. Tropez, as the Mediterranean waters are filled with Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna, Spearfish, White Marlin, and Barracuda are plentiful. The summer months offer the best time for fishing, although there is always fun to be had and great fish to catch in the waters off of St. Tropez. Be careful not to venture into the Cetacean Sanctuary; this area is completely protected from fishing and violators are subject to large fines or imprisonment. Charter captains usually leave before dawn for half and full day excursions. Port Grimaud, the largest on the island is the port of choice for most charter captains. It is conveniently located near the tourism center as well. Hotels and small villas are available for lodging on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The small town of about 6,000 year-round residents offers all the amenities a high-end fisherman would want, but due to the limited size, reservations should be made well in advance. Like most other fishing towns along the French Riviera, large yachts can be chartered for luxury fishing excursions or corporate getaways. These mega-yachts come equipped with full kitchens, bars, and even a serving staff.

When not fishing, boats can be chartered for whale watching or partying off the coast, a common hot spot for yachts to stop for the day and enjoy the cool blue waters. You may even spot a celebrity or two, as stars like George Clooney and Beyonce’ are rumored to frequent the town. St. Tropez is also a hot spot for modern art, as is believed to be the birthplace of several popular painting styles and artists. The cobblestone streets are lined with galleries, five star restaurants, movie theatres, libraries, and even an outdoor recreation center. Whether you are looking to sip champagne with the stars, or catch some really big tuna, St. Tropez has it all!