About Nice

In addition to the cultural, entertainment and culinary adventures to have in Nice, France, the beautiful coastal town offers plenty of opportunities for fisherman. The city is located on France’s southern coast along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Nice and surrounding areas are commonly referred to as the “French Riviera” or the Cote d’Azur (Blue Coast). The area is popular for high-end tourism by travelers the world over. The prime location on the shore of the Mediterranean offers direct access to the plentiful salt waters of the Mediterranean, and its close proximity to major rivers and tributaries of the Mediterranean offer excellent fresh water fishing options as well.

Fishing is a popular pastime and cultural staple along the French Riviera and is heavily regulated by Federation Departementale de Peche’ (National Fishing Department) and local fishing clubs. In Nice, fishing restrictions are imposed by the Club Halieutique and all inquiries should go through them. This area has been known for its plentiful fishing industry for centuries, so some have ecological concerns to preserve this area for centuries more of fishing enjoyment. However, hiring an experienced charter captain who knows the waters and regulations can save you a lot of time and headache, especially for non-French speaking travelers.

The Mediterranean waters along the coast of France are plentiful with Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna, Spearfish, White Marlin, and Barracuda. Most of the fish are found within 30 to 50 nautical miles of the coast and require experienced captains who know where the drop-offs, or “holes” can be found. Big game season begins in late March and extends until late November. This season coincides with vacationing tourists and wealthy visitors to the area. Nice is the fifth largest city in France and offers a wide range of charters for all levels of experience and budgets. Given the high-end nature of the real estate, dining, and culture in this area, many charter captains offer luxury charter service on large yachts. Many of these yachts are large enough to sleep dozens and are equipped with the finest amenities. Full kitchens, bars, satellite TV and internet, luxorious sleeping quarters, and even service staff are available on the highest end charter options in Nice.

The surrounding rivers and tributaries offer world-class fountain salmon, pike, and rainbow trout fishing. An experienced charter captain can take you out to the best spots and offer the best fishing methods for getting fish in a particular area, including fly and spearfishing.

When not fishing, “old-town” Nice is a great opportunity to enjoy the culture of the French Riviera. Virtually unchanged since the 1700’s, the “Vieux Nice” has dozens of fine dining restaurants, shops, and museums. If you’re interested in art, the “Musee’ Matisse” houses some of the world’s most famous paintings, including those of local legend Henri Matisse. What used to be a tiny fishing village has exploded into one of the most extravagant cities to vacation and fish in all of France.