About Monaco

Monaco, technically its own sovereign country, is a four square kilometer territory bordered on three sides by France and one side by the Mediterranean Sea. Next to Luxembourg, Monaco is the second smallest country in the world and the most densely populated country in the world. It is ruled by a royal family and a constitutional monarchy ruled by the Grimaldi family. Aside from the historical and cultural significance of this unique country, it is mostly a place for the elite to live and vacation. However, aside from the fanfare, Monaco offers 4.5 kilometers of beautiful coastline prime for deep sea charter fishing.

The beautiful waters of the Mediterranean along this Cote’ de Azure’ (Blue Coast) of the French Riviera is plentiful with Swordfish, Spearfish, Bluefin Tuna, White Marlin, and Barracuda. The summer months are most attractive for catching big game, but any time of year in the waters of the French Riviera offer a great fishing experience. The area around the Monaco Bridge is known for its fun small catch all year round. Port Hurcule is a large docking area designed for luxurious super yachts. Although Monaco is not a place that advertises fishing as a top attraction, there are still charters and captains willing to take you out. If you are in search of chartering a yacht for fishing, Monaco has options for weekly rentals of yachts of all sizes. From your standard 20-30 meter 10-20 person ship to your luxurious super yacht capable of housing dozens, you can find them all in Monaco. Not many local fishermen are left in Monaco to provide half-day or full-day charter trips, and most deep sea fishing is done through chartered luxury yachts. A great aspect to fishing off the coast of Monaco is that you may be able to skate around some of the stricter French ecological laws in the surrounding coastal towns of the French Riviera. However, the waters off the coast of Monaco are mainly filled with rich tourists lounging in the beautiful blue waters. Monaco is very much a place to see and be seen, it is a vacation hotspot for royalty, celebrities, and the super-rich worldwide.

Perhaps the most well-known attraction in Monaco, the Monte Carlo Casino, offers the finest in high roller dining, spas, golf courses, and entertainment venues. Visitors must pay an entrance fee to enter the grounds, and most table games are very high stakes. For racing fans, Formula One hosts the Monaco Grand Prix on the streets of Monaco every May. Perhaps the most high profile racing event in the world, the Grand Prix draws thousands of visitors from around the world. Monaco offers endless entertainment options for those with fine tastes, and an excellent shoreline and charter services for those with a fine taste for big game fish.