About Key West

Key West is a small island comprising roughly 4 square miles. The city spans 14 blocks. What makes Key West so unique for fishing is that on one side you have the Gulf of Mexico and on the other you have the Atlantic Ocean. The two bodies of water merge in Key West and you have the warmest waters found anywhere in the United States. Fishing in Key West is great all year round although the summer can be a little wet.

The amount of different types of fishing in Key West is unparalleled in any other city in Florida. People from all over the world travel here to experience one or many of them. For anglers looking for a light tackle option in Key West you have the option of fishing in the backcountry, fishing on the flats, reef fishing, and tarpon fishing. Each option offers some of the best fishing in the world.

Backcountry fishing in Key West takes place around islands consisting of mangroves in shallow flat water. These trips are particularly popular because the water is typically protected and calm, the boats catch large quantities of fish and the scenery around you is beautiful.

Flats fishing in Key West takes place in the shallow water of the Keys. This type of fishing is more like hunting as you spot the fish in the shallow water as your guide pushes a smaller boat through the water as to not scare the fish. Flats fishing is particularly fun for fly fishermen. On these types of fishing charters anglers will target bonefish, permit, tarpon, jacks and more.

Offshore or deep sea fishing takes place about 6 miles offshore. Center consoles and sportfish style boats head south where the water changes depths and reefs appear on the ocean floor. On a typical deep sea fishing charter leaving from Key West our fishing captains target, mahi, wahoo, sailfish, marlin, snapper, grouper and other fun and exciting fish.

Although Key West is a small city the fishing charter boats leave from a few different marinas. Every marina is easily accessible by a walk or short cab or car ride. Some of the most popular fishing charter boat marinas in Key West are Historic Charter Boat Row located at Garrison Bight Marina, the Key West Bight Marina, and Oceanside Marina on Stock Island as well as a few others.

Almost every restaurant in Key West offers guests the option of cooking their fresh catch. The Conch Republic is a great option and if your looking for something a little more upscale check out the A&B lobster house.

Besides an amazing Key West fishing charters we all recommend checking out the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum to look learn about the rich history and ship wrecks that were discovered in the Keys. Take a walk down Duval Street to check out some of the live music and lively bars. Lastly don’t miss the sunset celebration at Mallory Square every evening.