About Bahia Honda

Bahia Honda is a tiny key island located between the Ohio Key and the Spanish Harbor Keys in the lower half of the “middle keys”. It is about a 45 minute drive east from Key West and 3 hours southwest of Miami. In Spanish, Bahia Honda means “deep bay”. The island is close to the Seven Mile Bridge and is a hotspot for fishing. The island is home to a large shallow water bay and Bahia Honda State Park.

Deep sea fishing, saltwater fishing, fly fishing and shallow water flat fishing are all available in Bahia Honda. Fish like great barracuda, angel fish, red fish, tarpon, and hogfish are some of the fishes found in the giant bay of this key island. The bay is riddled with tiny mangrove islands, where these fish tend to gather around. Some charters in Bahia Honda offer exclusive fly fishing for tarpon around the mangrove islands and Seven-Mile Bridge. Heading out to sea in the Gulf, Bahia Honda is only a short ride from “The Wall”, and in prime location for picking up migratory fish in the Gulf Stream. The area around Bahia Honda and the lower keys have plenty of World War II-era shipwrecks and reefs to set up on as well. The deep holes surrounding this key island are perfect for large game fish like sailfish, marlin, swordfish, sharks, giant grouper, dolphin, and tuna.

Bahia Honda has some of the best blue water beaches of the Florida Keys and offers excellent visibility for those fishing in shallow waters or relaxing on the white sand beaches ideal for lounging, surf fishing, or jet skiing. The Bahia Honda State Park occupies 500 acres of area, and is the most visited part of this island. Situated in the northwest side of this island, Calusa is the smallest beach in this area. The shallowest beach is Loggerhead, and the largest beach is Sandspur. Guided tours are available for charter fishing and marine sightseeing, especially in the marine sanctuary areas of the state park.

Private charters are readily available all the year round for any kind of fishing. Because of the visibility of the water here, scuba diving and snorkeling tours are also a popular activity. Because of the land taken up by the Bahia Honda State Park, the island is virtually uninhabited, albeit from a few fishing clubs, marinas, and seasonal residences. The prime tourist time is the winter months, and charter captains tend to make more runs during these months.

Bahia Honda is ideal for picnics and private parties as it has a long stretches of uninhabited white sand beaches highly suited for relaxation. With all these qualities, Bahia Honda is the ultimate destination for beach lovers and those looking to catch some big fish!