About Cannes

A trip to Cannes, France can be an enriching cultural experience as well as a great opportunity to catch some fish! Situated on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea Coastline, known to locals as the Cote’ d’Azur (Blue Coast), Cannes offers the very best of salt water fishing conditions the Mediterranean has to offer. Cannes is about a half hour’s driving from the major airport hub of Nice and an hour and a half short flight from Paris. Cannes has an airport close to the coast and all fisherman lodging and amenities. Cannes, along with most of France, is also highly accessible by train.

Fishing has long been a pastime and livelihood for locals living here and all along the French Riviera. These waters are best known for their Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna, Spearfish, White Marlin, and Barracuda, similar to the American southern coast. Charter fishermen in the area are best known for hauling in large tuna in the hundreds of pounds. Most charters are captained by experienced local fishermen who offer a wide range of rods, reels, bait, and deceivers to fit specific conditions and locations. Hundreds of years of local legend can’t possibly be wrong! Cannes is mostly a high-end tourist destination for wealthy travelers, but full day trips can be found for as little as 320 Euro per person (including lunch and wine). Big game fish are plentiful in these waters and can be caught via trolling, or by dropping deep lines with sinkers; your charter fishing guide will know best. By law, most fishing is done between 30 and 50 nautical miles from shore, with the best times being during the warm weather season of late March through early November. Visit the nearby Mediterranean Fishing Center to get rates and details on trips leaving from Cannes. For ecological and preservation reasons, fishing in the French Riviera is highly regulated. The Fishing Center and your Charter captain can make abiding by these regulations easier, especially for non-French speaking tourists.

Also available in Cannes are luxury charters equipped with the finest amenities, satellite TV and internet, and even a serving staff! Most of these trips are held on large luxury yachts capable of being charters for days or weeks at a time and capable of accommodating 10+ people. Corporate charters are also available. Most deep sea trips leave from the Le Vieux (The View) Port, home to the large majority of sailing and fishing boats in the area.

In addition to great salt water options, a great freshwater lake is just a stone’s throw away. Fishing is permitted Friday to Sunday for 12 Euro. Carp and trout are plentiful and fishermen are able to take home trout that are of size.

When not fishing, Cannes is a beautiful village with a small town feel. Hotel rooms are available but should be booked well in advance. In addition, many locals rent their flats or villas out on a weekly basis which can be an excellent lodging option. The town offers five star seafood dining, museums, shopping, and beautiful beaches. The town really comes alive in mid-May for the Cannes Film Festival, one of the largest and most prestigious in the world. Lodging and amenities may become scarce during this time period, but there is really not a bad time to catch big game fish in Cannes!